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Welcome to Goolee’s Gifts: Your Beachside Treasure Hunt!

On the corner of 1st St and Delkware Av, attached to Goolee’s Grille, you’ll stumble upon Goolee’s Gifts. We’re that sweet, quirky little shop on 1st St and Delaware Avenue that just screams beach vibes and good times.

Jewelry as Unique as a Seashell

We’re all about the ocean here at Goolee’s Gifts, and our jewelry collection is a sparkling treasure chest of that love. Beach and boho jewelry pieces, each as unique as a found seashell, waiting to add a sprinkle of seaside sparkle to your day. Why just visit the beach when you can wear it?

Your Home, the Beach House

Dreaming of turning your pad into a sandy oasis? Our beach-themed home decor is just the ticket. We’ve got all you need, from sea glass frames that capture the sunlight just right, to nautical pillows that practically smell of salty air.

Feel-Good Finds

Stumble upon our artisan soaps and feel the beach vibes wash over you. Handcrafted and full of natural goodness, they’re like a rejuvenating dip in the ocean, but for your skin. Treat yourself or bag them as gifts – either way, they’re a beachy blast!

Books and Cards for the Beach Bum

But we’re not just about the pretty things. We’ve got brain food and heart food too. Dive into our selection of page-turning books perfect for a beach day, or pick up one of our thoughtful greeting cards to share a slice of the seaside with someone special.

So, whether you’re wandering over from brunch at Goolee’s Grille or meandering through our beloved beach town, swing by Goolee’s Gifts. We’re your beachside nook full of surprises. Let’s dig for treasure together!

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Open Every Day 7:00am-1:30pm

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